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Happy Daze is a 3-Day long Music & Arts Festival, located in the tropical forest paradise of Queensland’s world famous Whitsunday’s Coast. In it's fourth year running Happy Daze has established itself in the Australian doof festival circuit, providing central Queensland a premier alternative lifestyle gathering, focused on music, art, family and the outdoors, whilst maintaining a strong community-based approach. 

25th - 29th JULY 2022

27th - 30th MAY 2020 

Spread over 3-days of camping in the stunning hinterland of the Whitsunday's Coast, you will enjoy a world-class line-up of live bands, DJ's, and Electronic Musicians bringing you non-stop music.

Get involved with an assortment of creative workshop's, yoga practice and guided meditation lessons. Learn something new with some exciting guest speakers in our discussion dome with guest speakers presenting talks about sustainable and healthy living, ethnobotany, environmental issues, and cultural perspectives. Take some time out relaxing in the outdoor cinema, or refresh and revitalise in the massage/healing chill space.

Support some amazing artists and buy something from the art & craft and bric-a-brac market stalls, and, of course, dine on a variety of food stalls.

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Happy Daze 2015 Stage

The Main Stage

At Happy Daze Festival, we focus wholly on providing one perfect stage. A kick-ass, full production, booty shaking, feet stomping stage. We enjoy the simplicity and harmony that having a single stage all weekend provides. There is never a sound clash from stages, blasting two opposing styles of music at one another, or a split in the parties energy, with two forces fighting for command. We'd rather commit all of our creative energy on producing an intimacy like none other, one dance floor, one tribe, dancing in rhythm, uniting in the beauty as we create it together...

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Applications are open still for volunteer positions, creative and performance artists, and market and healing stalls.


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